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Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 129

Your Presents Is Appreciated


The sun poking through the clouds is a welcome gift from the heavens, and a clutch of bicycles leans against the beer patio fence for the first time in eons. Inside, a trio of cyclists unwinds after making the ride from the City. Kevin Siwoff of Brooklyn and Alejandro Castro and Tom Lewis of Manhattan are celebrating their accomplishment with samples of Liquid Gold.

“Around a month ago, we talked about taking a ride,” says Kevin. …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 128

Finding ‘Gold’ in the Gray, Or, Drinkin’ With Lincoln



Miserable, cold, plans-crushing, muck-making rain, falling in silvery sheets all week.

Not much to do on a day like this, except grab some friends and find a warm, dry place to hang. Such as Captain Lawrence.

Ryan O’Keefe of New Fairfield, Connecticut, chooses to look on the bright side. “I’m glad it slowed down a bit,” he says, “so the Saw Mill won’t flood.”

Ryan and Mike Galella of Yonkers …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 127

Robust Reviews For Coffee Brews


It is the time of the year for getting together with old friends, as a gang of guys from Ardsley is doing at Captain Lawrence. They’ve known each other since kindergarten, and have opted to spend the frigid day warming themselves with some tasty cold-weather craft brews.

“We’re all up for the weekend and decided to do some eating and drinking together,” says Sean Flynn, who lives in Manhattan.

The beer of choice among …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 126

The Captain’s Log: A Thanksgiving Day Monster, and We Don’t Mean Turducken

54Scott Vaccaro headshotThe leaves are all but down, the cold weather is very definitely upon us, and the tap lineup at Captain Lawrence has shifted to heartier brews. The Frost Monster is back! Hibernating all summer, the monstrous imperial stout, brewed with a massive amount of malt and sporting a fearsome 11% alcohol by volume, is on draft and available in four-packs. The Monster’s makeup is slightly different from last …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 125

Getting Out While the Getting’s Good


A group of six men is gathered around a Samsung phone resting on a barrel on the Captain Lawrence patio. They’re watching the Jets. The screen goes blank.

“Please deposit 25 cents for the next minute,” jokes one of them in a robotic voice. They laugh. The game comes back on.

The Jets are actually winning.

How could it not be a special day?

It’s classic fall weather, crisp and clear, and there’s the …