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Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 126

The Captain’s Log: A Thanksgiving Day Monster, and We Don’t Mean Turducken

54Scott Vaccaro headshotThe leaves are all but down, the cold weather is very definitely upon us, and the tap lineup at Captain Lawrence has shifted to heartier brews. The Frost Monster is back! Hibernating all summer, the monstrous imperial stout, brewed with a massive amount of malt and sporting a fearsome 11% alcohol by volume, is on draft and available in four-packs. The Monster’s makeup is slightly different from last …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 125

Getting Out While the Getting’s Good


A group of six men is gathered around a Samsung phone resting on a barrel on the Captain Lawrence patio. They’re watching the Jets. The screen goes blank.

“Please deposit 25 cents for the next minute,” jokes one of them in a robotic voice. They laugh. The game comes back on.

The Jets are actually winning.

How could it not be a special day?

It’s classic fall weather, crisp and clear, and there’s the …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 124

Winter is Coming


That wind.

That brutal All Souls Day wind—the howling harbinger of winter—daring you to venture outside, more likely encouraging you to stay in and watch the miserable Jets.

The Captain Lawrence patio was as lonely as a costume shop the day after Halloween, the bocce court vacant, pizza guy Gordon Seltzer wishing he had someone to talk to. Yet it was that very wind that pushed Kate Schlott and Michael Russo, not to mention 6-month-old Henry

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 123

All Hail All Hallows!


The “Halloween Apocalypse” party flyers are up at Captain Lawrence, and conversations about pale ales and kolsches in the tasting room mix with talk of candy and costumes. We may think of Halloween as a kid’s holiday, but the spirit remains very much alive in grown-ups too.

Dan Ash and Lorraine Zaranski of White Plains popped in after running errands. “We were in the neighborhood, and the cupboard was bare,” says Dan, nodding toward a fresh …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 122

Enjoy Fall Before It Gose


Before fall was to take a sharp turn toward wintry temps, it was a great day for enjoying the autumnal charms on the Captain Lawrence patio. With a name that translates to “the beer garden”…well, minus the “beer”…Michelle Desjardin of White Plains is right where she belongs.

It’s Michelle’s birthday, so she’s got a healthy crowd out on the patio, including Amy Burger of Tarrytown and Kathy Miracolo of Plainview, along for the ride. …