Donation Request

From the beginning, we at Captain Lawrence Brewing Company have been dedicated to giving back to the community that has been so instrumental to our growth. Due to the nature of being a small business combined with the vast amount of requests that we receive, we must be selective in what we are able to donate. Below are the requirements that must be met in order to be considered for a donation.

  • Your group, organization or event must be located within the State of New York.
  • You must provide a current 501(c)(3) designation number. Please enter it in the form below as well as provide a 501(c)(3) form.
  • All requests must be made at least one month from the date of the event. Any request made with less than one month remaining before the event, may be declined.
  • We donate beer and/or gift bags for auction. At this time, we do not buy journal ads or pay for sponsorship.
  • We DO NOT donate product to be re-sold at an event as per New York State law.
  • A qualified applicant is limited to ONE donation within a 12 month period.
  • All donations must be picked up and dropped off at the brewery during tasting room hours Wed-Friday: 4-8pm, Sat-Sunday 12-5pm. 444 Saw Mill River Road, Elmsford, NY 10523.
  • There is a $75 keg deposit as well as a $50 tap deposit that must be given at time of pick up. Once all kegs and tap are returned to the brewery the deposits will be returned. Deposits are accepted via All Major Credit Cards & Cash ONLY. All returns must be made a week after pick up date for deposit return during tasting room hours:Wed-Friday: 4-8pm, Sat-Sunday 12-5pm.
  • Requested dates must be submitted at least 30 days in advance.
  • Must have a valid 21 or older drivers license at time of pick up. 
  • We reserve the right to accept or deny any donation request.
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If your organization meets the above listed criteria, please complete the form below:

    Your Name*

    Your Email*

    Your Daytime Telephone*

    Your Group*


    501(c)(3) designation number (no dashes)*

    501(c)(3) Form*
    Acceptable file types: .pdf, .doc, .docx


    Time of Event*

    Location of Event*

    Number of People Attending*

    Will there be any other alcohol served at the event?*

    Will product donated be re-sold at your event?*

    Pick Up Date and Time* (During tasting room hours only—Wed.–Fri. 4–8 p.m.; Sat. 12–6 p.m.; Sun. 12–5 p.m.)

    Donation Preference*
    KegTap Needed12oz bottle cases (24 btls/case)Gift Bag

    There is a $75 keg deposit and $35 tap deposit at time of pick up. Deposits will be returned when all kegs and taps are returned (during tasting room hours ONLY. All kegs/taps must be returned no later than a week after the pick up date for deposit return during tasting room hours ONLY. CASH, VISA, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover are accepted for deposits.

    Event Details* (the more detail, the better)

    Please note: this form is a request/application for donation and until you receive paperwork from us, it has not been approved.
    Captain Lawrence Brewing Company reserves the right to deny donation requests.