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Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 154

Going Out With a Bang


It is the time of year for celebrating the United States’ great red, white and blue streak of independence, and all of the traditions and trapping that go with it. Nancy and Jamie Dressel of Chappaqua will be venturing to Chicago to visit Nancy’s sister Debbie and her daughter Angela. But for today, all four are happy to be in the Captain Lawrence tasting room. “We’re here almost every week,” says Nancy proudly.


Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 153

The Captain’s Log: No Sophomore Slump for Sour’d

54Scott Vaccaro headshot

Summer is just beginning, but at Captain Lawrence, thoughts are jumping to the latter end of the season, when the second annual sour beer festival Sour’d in September takes place. The inaugural event, showcasing the best of the sour ales (they’re not for everyone, but are adored by those with a taste for them), featured 20 breweries, including day-trippers Great South Bay and Peekskill Brewery, and others as far flung as Ballast …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 152

 Bearing Witness, Sharing Brews


They’re the best dressed guys in the tasting room—by a mile. While most of the denizens wear t-shirts and shorts, the shirts more often than not sporting either a beer brand or some spilled beer, the five men wear pressed dress shirts and khakis. After long days laboring on behalf of Jehovah, they deserve some cold craft brews. Dave Weigert, from outside Austin, Texas, explains that they’re volunteering for the building of a new Jehovah’s …

Sour’d in September 2015

The second annual Sour’d in September will be taking place on Saturday September 12th 2015 at Captain Lawrence Brewery. Last year we had 25 breweries serving over 50 sour ales. We sold out at 500 people and are looking to grow this event with over 40 breweries in attendance and over 80 sours to try. We have breweries both old and new coming this go around and expect everyone to be salivating at the sours coming. Some breweries who don’t …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 151

Caterpillar Cake and Crafty Cold Ones


The sun is shining, and the mood on the Captain Lawrence patio is festively mellow, or maybe it’s mellowly festive. Either way, it’s just perfect for Bedford’s Dane Sannicandro. His friends, including Lauren Redmerski, also of Bedford, and the power book publicist Ariele Fredman of Brooklyn, planned a surprise 30th birthday party for him. “Dane is laid back, low key, just likes hanging out,” says Lauren. “We were looking for an …