Socially distanced private events

At Captain Lawrence we are taking social distancing and safety protocols seriously.

However, we do have spaces available to host private events within current restrictions.

Below is all you need to know for hosting a properly socially distanced event.

Beginning Monday March 15th, 2021 the Governor’s office has allowed for venues to begin hosting events up to 150 people thus allowing for weddings, fundraisers and other types of catered on-premise events. To be clear, these events to come with a great deal of restrictions that we will attempt to outline clearly so that your expectations for your event matches with the mandates that our venue will fall under. Please let us know if you have clarifying questions and we will do our best to navigate them.

The mandates below represent an outline of restrictions and state guidelines but further event details can be worked out with our Private Events Manager.

To be clear, these mandates are not negotiable and are required by law by New York State. We are not at liberty to make any accommodations or offer leniency in these guidelines as they could affect our ability to host events in the future.

We highly recommend distributing these guidelines to your guests ahead of the event so they can know what to expect along with you. We have found that events run much more smoothly when all guests and not just hosts know what to expect.

Testing, Vaccinations & Tracing

All Guests at events more than 100 must be tested for Covid within 72 hours of the event and must provide proof of a negative test either digitally or with printed documentation to a designated CL employee before entry to the event will be permitted. If proof of a negative test is not submitted that guest will not be allowed entry.

Captain Lawrence can arrange for an on site third party testing company to offer rapid Covid tests to your guests but they will come at full retail price per test which can range from $90-150 per test.

Proof of vaccination is acceptable in place of a negative test if the final vaccination has happened at least 14 days prior to the event (as the research on vaccines becomes more clear it is not yet known whether or not a vaccinated individual is a possible carrier and/or spreader of the virus so it is still recommended, but not mandatory, that vaccinated guests also get tested prior to the event).

Captain Lawrence staff will be tested regularly per guidelines.

All guests and staff will be required to complete a health screener which will require answers regarding Covid symptoms, recent positive tests, etc.

All guests are required to provide personal information for potential contact tracing – this will include full name, date of birth, address, email and phone number.

** To be clear, although all guests are required to have a negative test or be fully vaccinated this does not mean that any of the other restrictions can be relaxed and we are required to enforce them fully

Masks & Social Distancing

Masks are required at all times except when a guest is seated at their assigned table and engaged in eating or drinking

Signage and Posters will be posted to remind all guests about masks and distancing

6ft of distance is required between all tables and among all guests throughout the duration of the event

Seating & Eating

All guests must be assigned a table upon their check in – they will spend the majority of their night at this table and in their seats

It is recommended that all guests be seated only with other guests from their own household, while that is not entirely practical, careful consideration should be given to who guests are seated with and the total number of guests per table

Guests may only eat and drink when seated at their table – standing and congregating are not allowed. Buffets will be staffed with physical barriers between guests and staff – guests will be invited up table by table so as to limit lines for food

Drink orders will be taken by staff members and delivered to each guest at the table – guests may not walk up to the bar to retrieve their own drinks

Ceremonies, Speeches & Dancing

Ceremonies can be attended by only up to the number of guests that can be safely accommodated at 6 picnic tables spaced 6ft apart from one another

Masks may be removed for the purposes of speeches or presentations as long as the individual remains 12ft apart from the closest table

Traditional dances are permitted (eg first dances) as long as guests maintain 6ft of distance from all other guests

Guests not a part of the traditional dances may not join on the dance floor – in small enough events satellite dance floors of at least 36 sq/ft can be stipulated where members of the same household may dance with one another. The satellite dance floors must be at least 6ft from other guests.

Bullet Point Mandates

  • Events must conclude in time for everyone to have cleared the premises no later than midnight
  • Events smaller than 50 guests do not require the Covid testing mandate; all events 51-150 guests do require testing; events above 150 guests are not permitted
  • Details about your event including your name and info will be send to the Westchester County Department of Health and tracing information will be shared with them on request
  • Vendors including photographers, djs, etc will also fall under all mandates but will not count towards your total number of guests
  • Cocktail hours are not permitted at Captain Lawrence

So How Will It Work?

Guests arrival should be staggered as much as possible to ensure a smooth entry into your event. Upon entering the building each of your guests will need to provide proof of their negative Covid test (or vaccination), completion of the health screener and contact tracing info at which point they will directed to their table and assigned seats. Tables will accommodate up to six people and will be spaced 6ft in all directions from the other tables in the room (though the guests at each table will not be distanced from one another). Once seated, guests must remain at their table except when using the bathroom. Masks are required at all times except when seated.

Captain Lawrence servers will take orders for beer/drinks and food and will bring all items to the table. If appetizers are part of your food package they will be served family style for each table.  All food and drink must be consumed while seated at a table and no congregating or socializing is permitted while standing. Guests will be invited table by table to visit the buffet for entrees so as to control crowds. Speeches, traditional dances and gift opening are permitted but all other guests must remain in their assigned seats unless space allows for satellite dancing areas.

Hosts may visit other tables but may not eat or drink while standing and should have on masks when not at their own table.

Man sitting at table, table spread with sunflowers

Our staff will do our best to be hospitable and show you and your guests a great time despite the restrictions. We look forward to celebrating with you and thank you for choosing Captain Lawrence!

For more information, Contact Us, or click the button at the top of the page to request an event.