Why are we doing this?

From the beginning, we at Captain Lawrence Brewing Company have been dedicated to giving back to the community that has been so instrumental to our growth. With the opening of our beer hall in 2019 we now have the space to be able to offer the groups around us doing the hard work of making our Westchester community a better place a platform to share their hard work and passion and raise some money for their cause.

How Do I Apply?

Fill out the form on our site and apply to be chosen to be a featured organization for the night. We will contact you if you have been chosen and give you dates to choose from.

How Does it Work?

You should arrive around 5.30pm to set up, we will provide you a check-in table that you can decorate as much or as little as you’d like – you should be ready by 6pm. We will provide you with wrist bands that you can pass out for each donation ($5 minimum). A wrist band will entitle the guest to Happy Hour pricing on CL Beer and Draft Wine from 6-10pm ($4 draft beer and $6 wine). We require that at least one person from your organization be on hand from 6-10pm.

How Can I make it successful?

Email, call, post and talk about your night to everyone you can! Our hope is not only that you can make a lot of money for your organization but use our space as an event where your supporters can get together in celebration of your cause. Consider things like raffles, trivia, live music, etc to raise money beyond the Happy Hour writstband. Once you have your date shout it from the internet mountain tops!

Can I decorate?

Yes, you can decorate your check-in table as elaborately as you’d like, some signage for table tops and the bar top is encouraged however over the top decorations throughout the whole room are not permitted.

Are donations limited to just the supporters that I bring in?

The short answer is no, however we ask that you use your discretion when soliciting donations or asking for participation from guests who didn’t come out from your group. They are able to get the wristbands and discounted pricing but if they aren’t all that interested in your activities just leave them be.

Can donations be taken via Credit Card?

Yes, donations can be taken by our staff directly on a guests check, Captain Lawrence will issue a check to you within a week for all donations taken this way.

Is there food at Captain Lawrence?

Yes! We have a great menu with apps, salads, sandwiches and pizza – you and your supporters should make a night of it.

Can I reschedule once I have a date?

This program is very popular and the calendar is very full, that being said, if we can accommodate you we will.