What’s Happening at CLBC

Wreck the Halls, The Return of Yoga, and LOTS OF BEER!

Wreck the Halls – Coming to Captain Lawrence 12.19.16:
You love Mother Shucker, you love Cooktoberfest, so we’re bringing you more. The Cookery and Captain Lawrence team up to Wreck the Halls in December.

The Return of Yoga:
After a brief hiatus, Yoga is coming back to the Brewery. We’ve got a great local instructor who’s going to be mixing it up with great music, a great tempo, and of course, you’ll want to Nama-Stay for the Beer.

Lots of Beer:
It’s a Beer time of year, and Captain Lawrence has plenty on tap. Recent releases include the re-branded Autumn Blaze (limited supply still available in the Beer Hall) and the much anticipated 6th Borough Pilsner (available in the Beer Hall and Retail establishments), and there are plenty of upcoming releases between now and year’s end.