Captain’s Sour’d

pomme sauvage

American Funk Brett IPA

flaming fury

Flaming Fury

leaking staves

Leaking Staves

Muddy Kriek

pomme sauvage

Pomme Sauvage

Barrel Select Series

These beers are based on years of patient trial and error. Each version comes from a different stock of our oak cellar, is carefully blended and uniquely tart. We’ve created each version to highlight the various elements you can express with different sours ale recipes: malty, roasty, hoppy, tart, etc. Try them side by side to run the gamut of flavors.

Barrel Select: Black

Barrel Select: Gold

Barrel Select: Red

Barrel Select: Green

Castleton Street

Born on Castleton Street, our original home, these beers represent the beginning of what was to come. From our first days as a brewery, we began aging beers in oak, experimenting with difference ingredients and pushing the boundaries of what brewing could be. Unapologetically sour, complex, and challenging, these are our original sour ales.

Cuvee de Castleton

Hops n’ Roses

Rosso e Marrone

Hudson Valley Harvest Sours

Being located in one of the best and most innovative farming and culinary areas of the country has given us the ability to source some truly spectacular fruits to work with. Hand selected by the farmers for inclusion into each beer, we’ve sourced a variety of farm specific fruits to compliment and transform the complex flavors of our golden sour ale.

Hudson Valley Harvest – Apricot

Hudson Valley Harvest – Strawberry

Hudson Valley Harvest – Cherry

hudson valley harvest gooseberry sour

Hudson Valley Harvest – Gooseberry

Hudson Valley Harvest -Black Raspberry