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Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 139

Spring Not Quite Sprung, They’re Grateful for Grapefruit


It’s that blessed sign of spring in the offing—pitchers and catchers have reported to spring training, and ballgames in the sun baked, so called Grapefruit League will soon commence. Perhaps that is why grapefruit flavors are on the brain, and the palate, at Captain Lawrence.

It’s a frigid Saturday, yet another substantial snowfall in the immediate forecast. Fittingly, the Police’s “Invisible Sun” plays in the tasting room. Howie and Kate Eaton of …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 138

The Captain’s Log: ‘Brand’ New Approach

54Scott Vaccaro headshotThe Captain is finally putting serious thought into its branding, including new names for some beloved beers, and a new logo as well. The tasting room favorite Imperial IPA is now the Palate Shifter, while the India Pale Ale—heretofore known simply as the IPA—is the Hop Commander. Several of the hoppier creations, including those two, will be marketed in the “Captain’s Reserve” series.

“We’re rebranding everything,” says owner Scott Vaccaro. “We’re looking to …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 137

Booths Cruise!


The Westchester County Center. It is home to the Westchester Knicks, a far more palatable version of the team than their varsity siblings down in the city. It is home to reptile shows, the circus, Disney Live! and, for one blessed night each February, the Big Brew NY Beer Festival.

They came from all over—far flung breweries such as Abita in Louisiana and Stone Brewing in San Diego, and closer to home operations such as Peekskill Brewery, Broken …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 136

New York To Super Bowl: You’re Gonna Hear Me Snore


When we last saw Simon Ellis, it was considerably nicer out. He was on the patio. The sun was shining. He was contemplating exactly which beer should be chosen to deflower the finest growler in the land. It was a retirement gift from his son in law, a ceramic work of art adorned with the flag of Simon’s native United Kingdom.

On this day, he was again looking to …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 135

Small Batches, Big Flavors, Fond Memories


The Super Bowl is a week away, which means it is time for the Captain Lawrence Hop Bowl, pitting a dozen memorable small-batch brews from the past year—staffer-created concoctions such as the chamomile-infused Sleepy Time Saison, the session IPA Hop Chug, the porter Funky Town Brown—against each other for bragging rights. It’s a democratic process; each beer has its own mason jar, and the tasting room visitors vote by dropping a dollar, a chip, …