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Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 145

Downward (Hair of the) Dog, Anyone?


There are peculiar pairings, such as Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, or, say, beer and yoga. And there are others that seem to go together nicely, such as J.J. Rogener, a student at New York Medical College in Valhalla, and Kinga Shudak, from the Bronx and, before that, Poland. They met online, and chose Captain Lawrence for the all important first face-to-face. “She said she likes to sit outside,” says J.J., a …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 144

Opening Day For Open-Air Sipping


Windy and cool as it may be, it is truly the first time all season when one could sit on the Captain Lawrence patio in neither a parka nor a wetsuit. And so people did. There was the satisfying crack of bocce calls colliding, the Gleason’s grill was fired up, and people schmoozed and sampled local craft beers.

“It’s the first nice day of the year,” says Steve Martinez of White Plains. “We had to …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 143

Sun Blocked Out, But Fun Goes On


Yup, it’s snowing in the spring. Not a lot of it, but it’s there—late March snow. Yet the frozen precip has not prevented a gaggle of New Jersey guys from playing bocce outside the brewery. “We saw an open course, and said, why not give it a shot?” says Ryan Jahnke of Oradell.

It’s fitting that he and pal Dave Turner are indulging in winter sports; both are, after all, hockey writers. Dave …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 142

The Captain’s Log: A Tasty Triple Threat

54Scott Vaccaro headshotEvery few months, Captain Lawrence releases a limited batch of specialty four-packs of very unique beers. This time around, it’s the Seeking Alpha triple IPA. That’s right, triple—we’ll see your imperial IPA and raise you another blast of hoppy goodness. It’s a big, bitter monster of a brew; the Village Voice rightfully called this 11% alcohol beer “a palate-smashing beast of an ale designed for those times when a lesser IPA simply won’t …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 141

Shamrockin’ In the Free World


It is that lull on the calendar—St. Patrick’s Day not quite here, and Pi Day a recent memory. Pi Day, celebrating the extraordinarily rare occurrence of 3/14/15 on the calendar, was a surprisingly big day around the Captain Lawrence tasting room, the guys awarding growler-fill cards to lucky guests to mark the special occasion.


If there was an award for the furthest distance traveled, it would easily go to Ben Rodenbeck and John Rector, …