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Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 135

Small Batches, Big Flavors, Fond Memories


The Super Bowl is a week away, which means it is time for the Captain Lawrence Hop Bowl, pitting a dozen memorable small-batch brews from the past year—staffer-created concoctions such as the chamomile-infused Sleepy Time Saison, the session IPA Hop Chug, the porter Funky Town Brown—against each other for bragging rights. It’s a democratic process; each beer has its own mason jar, and the tasting room visitors vote by dropping a dollar, a chip, …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 134

Beer on Ice!


The roads were icy as a freezing, miserable rain fell. The signs on the highway warned, Only Travel if Necessary.

“This was necessary,” says Pieter Colpaert of Brooklyn, raising his sample of the small-batch bock called I’ll Be Bock.

It’s a long weekend, and Pieter and Kelly Lanestaff, also of Brooklyn, had planned to get away to Philadelphia. When Mother Nature coated the streets in a perilous glaze, the pair sought a destination closer to home, …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 133

The Breakfast Club


Jordi Bayer and Sammy Saba, without a doubt, had a better breakfast than you.

While the cold snap dissuaded many from venturing out on the weekend, the New York City pair took it in the opposite direction, schlepping to Dover Plains in Dutchess County for a special maple-themed breakfast on a maple farm–pancakes, maple bacon, maple butter, a variety of different syrups.

“I like to do activities like this,” says Jordi. “I’m lucky my boyfriend will …

Notes From the Tasting Room

The Captain’s Log: Mo’ Better Brews

54Scott Vaccaro headshotHaving been a good boy all year, Captain Lawrence got some rather large presents from Santa this past holiday season. There’s a new bottling line that it picked up from the Prospero folks in Pleasantville that more than doubles the production of the old one. There’s a new 160 barrel fermenter that you may have seen gracing the brewery floor—no idea how Santa got that massive silver tank down the chimney–and a 160 barrel …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 131

New Year’s, New Beers


They don’t have the cache of Christmas and New Year’s, but these days in between are, in a sense, holidays in their own right—time to seek out old friends, knock off the things you’ve been meaning to do all year, and start planning for next year. Chris Crane and Kristen Johnson had been intending to visit Captain Lawrence all year, and got it in with days to spare. “We’ve got the week off, and wanted to …