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Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 113


The Spice of Life

The Arctic Monkeys are cranking from the tasting room speakers, but everything else is hazy, hot, and very definitely summer: samples of Captain Lawrence’s crisp wheat ale Sun Block going down way too easily, the smell of meat on the barbecue, the thwack of cornhole bags slapping the boards.

Wait. That’s not true. There’s Pumpkin Ale on the menu!

While some say it’s way too early in the season for pumpkin anything, most at the brewery believe that a good pumpkin-flavored beer can be enjoyed just about any time. Christina Triarsi of Yonkers is on the patio with friends Julissa Eliza of the Bronx and Andrea Alesso of Burlington, New Jersey. Christina was at the brewery …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 112

The Captain’s Log: Sour Power!

54Scott Vaccaro headshotNot yet three years since moving to a roomy new brewing facility in Elmsford, Captain Lawrence is expanding further. The brewery will be taking over the adjacent 4,800 square feet currently occupied by an HVAC outfit, says owner Scott Vaccaro, on top of the 19,000 square feet Captain Lawrence currently operates in. The expansion should be completed early in ’15, and will enable the Captain to produce more beer—and its beloved sour beers in particular.

The space will allow for storage of as many as 500 oak barrels and a second bottling line. Captain Lawrence’s sour ales, such as the Cuvee and the Hops N’ Roses, are currently bottled and labeled by hand. “It …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 111

And So Fourth and So On


The holiday weekend initially looked like a washout, but Mother Nature rallied and served up a couple picture-perfect days for deserving revelers. Many of them are squeezing in some recreational activity—cornhole, bocce, beer sampling—on the Captain Lawrence patio before the long weekend comes to an end.

Brad Orr of Brooklyn and Mike and Marissa Madonia of Ardsley are enjoying a spirited game of Hong Kong Poker. “It’s similar to A**hole,” says Brad of that card game centered around getting rid of your cards–and doing humiliating things to the player still stuck with theirs. “Only nobody makes anybody drink.”


Their pal Victoria Yang comes back with fresh samples of Sippa, a mellow summer IPA out …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 110

Raising a Cup to the World Cup


As we’ve detailed in the past, beer goes well with watching baseball, and football, and most any other sport. We can add soccer to the list; after all, the best teams compete for a Cup every four years, the matches are best enjoyed in the pub if you don’t have tickets, and the U.S. and Belgium—two of the finest beer-brewing nations around the globe—do battle in the knockout round July 1.

Much of the nation is stricken with this quadrennial affliction known as World Cup fever, and those who hang out at Captain Lawrence appear to be no exception.

“I’m a fanatic, I admit it,” says Ian Duffy, who stopped into the …

Notes From the Tasting Room, Vol. 109

In the Name of the Father

???????????????????????????????Father’s Day is its own excellent reason to swing by Captain Lawrence on a perfectly sunny and beautiful Sunday, but there was another one to boot: the Pilot Batch Tap Takeover. Put in plain English, a dozen of the brewery’s staff-brewed, small batch beers—The Black Lodge Stout, the Amber Rush ale, the ‘IP’Session IPA, the self-explanatory Kevin’s Bacon Ale—were resurrected for the day, along with a ballot box to see which one people like best.

There were longtime fathers, there with their sons, and dads who’d been such for under a year. In a few rare cases, there were both in the same party. Steve Morgan of Hartsdale saw mention of the Tap Takeover …